2020-11-5 Minutes

                                                                                                        Location: Palisades Park
                            Date: November 5, 2020
            Time: 1900 hours

November 2020 Meeting Minutes

•    Representatives of each member department were accounted for: Allgood, Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Dallas/Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mount High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Ricetown, Rosa, Snead, Susan Moore, and West Blount.
•    Associate members present: EMA, 911/Comms, STV-Blount, Blount EMS, and AL Fire College.

Chairman’s Remarks
•    Recognition of Guest: Go Rescue - Rusty Lowe, Dry Tech - Ryan Vidischak, Williams Fire Apparatus in Clay County Alabama - Anthony White
•    Chris Hill wants to try and change the meeting up by going straight from the Chairman’s Remarks to Old Business.

Previous Meeting Minutes
•    Motion to Accept: John Reed - Nectar Fire
•    2nd Motion to Accept: Heath Stockton - Dallas/Selfville
•    Minutes were approved with no objections, Motion carries

Financial Reports
•    Motion to Accept: Shane Hobson - Rosa Fire
•    2nd Motion to Accept: Lee Netherton
•    Reports was approved with no objections, Motion carries

Old Business
•    There was a long discussion regarding the Health Care Authority with cutting funds for volunteer departments who aren’t responding to 50% of their EMS calls.  Chris Hill is sending a letter from the Association to the HCA regarding this.

Committee Reports
Chair’s Report
•    No report

•    Fuelman Report - Our annual budget is $50,000. There were no issues with the usage last year. We spent $4,500 in October of our $4,167 which is 108%.
•    If anyone is needing ICS 300/400 please let Don know ASAP so he can get a class together for this.
•    The Departments that applied for the Homeland Security Grants, EMA is still waiting on the paperwork from the Homeland Security. Please do not spend the money until you have a letter.

•    One half of the text messages from 911 to cell phones are bouncing back to 911 as failed with Verizon and AT&T. Neal has been on the phone a lot with the issues trying to get it straightened out.
•    Please check your mutual aid departments, some have not been changed in several years and need to be updated.
•    If anyone is interested in a Communications Class at 911 please let Neal or Shane know.
•    No report

•    Mt. High is starting their Block 4 A&O and HAZMAT Nov. 11th
•    Rosa Fire is starting a EMT-B class the first week in January if you are interested the class is $450 this does include everything including the first NREMT test.

Fire Prevention
•    No Report

Explorer Post
•    The Explorer Post would take place February 19 - February 21, 2021 at the Alabama Fire College
•    Jonathon Ledbetter, and Chance Payne are working on new instructions for the Explorer Post.

•    No Report

Special Ops
•    Received a $8,000 Cawaco Grant, this will be used for Water Rescue equipment. It will be here the first of the year.

St. Vincent's Blount
•    Will be hosting a FREE COVID-19 testing the week before Thanksgiving November 17th from 3PM - 6PM.
•    They will be getting the 240B program running again in January, this will help reduce the cost of prescriptions to patients.

•    Anyone who needs to get CEU’s that is a Paramedic, this has been extended through COVID.
•    Anyone who needs to get CEU’s that is an EMT-B, you have unlimited time to get these.
•    There is a Free Update to anyone online starting October 21, 2020 through the AHA website for CPR instructors, etc. This must be completed by February 1, 2021
•    COVID-19 has every hospital at their capacity - they have a lack of beds and staff.
•    If you have a possible Stroke/Trauma, Call TCC early to get a start.
•    There will not be a BREMSS Banquet this year due to COVID, it will be zoom.
•    Work has been started on the new BREMSS office/TCC

Blount EMS
•    PALs class will be November 18, 19, 20, 2020
•    ITLS class will be December 16, 17, 18, 2020
•    If anyone is interested in an Advanced EMT class let Weslie Powell know and they will try to get one together after Rosa Fire does their EMT-B class.
•    Medic 32 is at Blount EMS hopefully will be ready to go the first of the year.

Law Enforcement
•    No Report

State Fire Marshall
•    No Report

•    No Report

District Attorney Office
•    No Report

Survival Air, Air-Evac
•    No Report

•    No Report

Alabama Fire College
•    There is a new Fire Instructor Book (3rd Edition)
•    A new website is in the works, should be out by the first of the year

Red Cross
•    No Report

•    No Report

Good and Welfare
•    No Report

NEW Business
•    Ryan Vidischak of Dry Tech said to call them if you need them.
•    Jonathan Ledbetter is interested in buying a billboard in Rosa and Allgood to recruit volunteers. 2 months is $850, and 6 months is $1,850. After discussion from the floor motion to do 2 months for $850 and ask about moving the sign around the county.
    Motion to Accept: Tim Fry
     2nd Motion to Accept: John Reed
    Motion Carries
    Ask volunteers if they saw the sign and how they heard about becoming a volunteer.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2030 hours.
The next meeting will be held on December 5th, at Oneonta

January - Remlap                    July - Nectar
February - Snead                    August - Mount High/ Ricetown
March - West Blount                    September - STV Blount
April - Coroner Office TBD                October - Holly Springs
May - Blountsville                    November - Palisades
June - Straight Mountain                December - Oneonta

Jessica Green
Blount Co. Fire & EMS Association